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Compleo – Complying to calibration law with RFI Filters

Charging a car is not only plugging in a cable. Usually there are different topics which are addressed in the design of charging infrastructure. One of the main points is the power rating of the charger, which gives the opportunity to charge a compatible car in a few minutes to an acceptable load percentage . This kind of charging systems are usually not easy to integrate in a household environment, due to infrastructure reasons. Therefore high power chargers are available at public accessible spots, like train stations, parking lots or shopping malls. The cost for electricity drawn from the outlet needs to be billed to the individual charging the car in an easy, precise and understandable way.

DSC00493Calibration law

To overcome any uncertainty of customers and grid suppliers about the measurement data read out of the system Compleo is supplying EV-Chargers which are complying to the calibration law.

Therefore the German calibration law (Eichrecht) wants charging stations to operate like their counterparts  at gas stations, where you pay only for what you consume (per litre of fuel) and where you can see in real time what you’ve consumed per fuelling session. Currently the compliance with German calibration law affects and poses a challenge to every charging station owner.

Compleo’s AC charging solutions were the first in Germany to receive the new calibration certification from the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB). The conformity assessment follows the country’s updated Weights and Measures Act (Eichrecht). The DC solutions of Compleo are the only ones which comply with the Eichrecht.

Efficiency in EV-Charging

In order to manufacturer a precise and law conform system Compleo realized the EV-Charger only with the best components they could get on the market. Therefore Schaffner is able to work closely together with Compleo and we are keen to be part of such leading technology in the EV-Charging market. 

We all know that there is still a big shift to E-Mobility and electrification of urban traffic ongoing, so we are looking forward for more projects to come.

Thanks to Compleo to give us the ability to show which kind of projects we are able to realize with great customers. 

Schaffner is able to add value to the customer journey, with easy communication, technology expertise and system level approach.

As the electromagnetic experts, we reduce complexity for our customers and give them the opportunity to focus on great inventions.

When you are interested in Schaffner’s EMC products or if you want to read more about EMC in EV Charging, visit our web page or feel free to contact us.

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