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Posted by Holger Urban

Scrægg – Healthy Scrambled Eggs with EMC Filters

The modern system gastronomy is also striving for more powerful and efficient appliances. Simultaneously, the demand increases for healthy, high quality and at the same time fastly available food. 
In modern (large) kitchens, a multitude of different appliances is running parallel. Though, electromagnetic compatibility plays an essential role in the engineering of all kitchen devices. To avoid unintended disturbances, each of the appliances must completely comply with the current limit values. That is where the EMC filters come into play.

The functioning of the EMC filters

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the ability of electrical equipment and systems to function acceptably in their electromagnetic environment. Several electronic devices running parallel may cause unwanted effects such as electromagnetic interference, disturbances and may even influence other devices’ functionality. To counteract such effects, protection requirements regulated by law must be satisfied. The deployment of EMC filters defends the electronic environment against dysfunctionalities. As international market leader in EMC filters, Schaffner develops continuously flexible, efficient and powerful solutions for diverse scopes of application.

Scrægg simplifies cooking with the help of Schaffner

FN_9289_9290Schaffner’s EMC filters are therefore used in multiple different devices: be it a coffee machine or an appliance for scrambled eggs to take away developed by the innovative Scrægg startup in Wiesloch and Heidelberg (southwestern Germany). With their unusual method of preparing a scrambled egg in no time, Scrægg clearly is on the road to success. Just one year after the foundation of the startup, the Scrægg device sold that well and the entrepreneurs have experienced strong growth, that they were able to expand their production capacity, their factory site and their team. The idea behind the flagship product is as simple as it is ingenious: a steam nozzle prepares a delicious scrambled egg in just 15 seconds without any fat. A global food industry sensation!

Efficient and functional thanks to Schaffner’s PEM

What is the secret behind the innovative system? Scrægg installs Power Entry Module filters (PEM) of the FN9280/90 series. Already during the product development phase the deployment of Schaffner’s IEC inlet filters allowed to vastly reduce both time and effort. By measurements with the Schaffner PEM filter, fast and functional solutions could be worked out directly to any problem. The very space-saving design of the installed PEM combines 2-pole rocker switch and dual fuse holder in one unit and with a height of only 46 mm, it is the ideal solution for the innovative Scrægg system. Additionally, the Power Entry Module filters provide maximal flexibility with various mounting possibilities.

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