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Posted by Holger Urban

Schaffner Offers a New High Performance Filter Product Line for Cabinets

When designing modern power systems, one of the main challenges faced by panel builders is finding the right components to build a complete system. The number of possible component options and alternatives on the market is so high that a key differentiator needs to be found to quickly locate the best products meeting all requirements. This is where the collaboration of Schaffner and the EPLAN Data Portal comes into play.


Schaffner’s Key Differentiator: EMI and EMC

To stand out from their competitors, a modern panel builder needs to deliver in no time a highly reliable system which is cost and space saving as well as sustainable. Additionally, the EMI (electromagnetic interference) performance must be determined, with even more variables to consider. Schaffner offers more than “just” supplying EMI filters. As the global leader in RFI filtering, Schaffner provides their customers with a high expertise in system know how. Since February 2020, Schaffner’s EMI filters are also available in the EPLAN Data Portal. Starting from scratch, panel builders can use the online catalogue offering simple integration of components into new designs. The information on EPLAN includes full documentation of filters, comprising datasheets, drill holes, 2D/3D files, and an electrical schematic. Once the schematic is clear, the panel builder can choose from a portfolio of more than 620 different types of filters available in the portal. These range from just a few amperes single phase up to 2300 A three (+N) phase or DC filters.


More Than Just Filters

Schaffner standard filters are certified with different Cy capacitor and discharge resistor values, which helps to simplify the certification process of the whole system while reducing the time to market as the filters can be delivered fast-track and meet general worldwide approvals. The interchangeable Cy capacitors are adjustable to find best the fit between common mode performance and leakage current specifications – higher Cy capacitors lead to an increased performance and higher leakage current. The adjustment of discharge resistors is often used to fit to insulation measurement circumstances in the system. Essentially, both need to be variable to fit to as many application specific standards as possible.


A High Performance Filter Product Line for Cabinets

Assuming a conventional three phase system, size aspects as well as sustainability are covered by the new FN3287/8 high performance filter product line for panel builders with the reduced footprint of the filters being the main benefit. This allows for particularly reducing the panel and enclosure dimensions. Saving space on the panel and building up in the “free” dimension is the main driver for the mechanical realization of FN3287/8.

FN3287 is the standard performance filter, while the FN3288 covers high demanding applications with for example longer motor cable length or installation in household environments. They are available as low leakage filters with reduced Cy, which is, for example, beneficial in household installations with a 30 mA circuit breaker or for highly distributed and multiple systems in industrial environment.

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Schaffner Offers State of the Art Solutions to EMC/EMI Problems in a Cabinet

The aspect of high reliability is also a key interest to Schaffner, renowned for their high quality products tested and certified to global standards. Going beyond the usual quality expectations, the new product series offers a high grade of automated production, leading to high repeatability of manufacturing and performance. Due to new design approaches, filters are sustainable and recyclable with easy removal of components at the end of life of the overall system. Furthermore, all products conform to RoHS requirements and are CE marked while meeting global EMI Filter standards including IEC 60939-3, UL 60939 and more.

For further information and support, feel free to contact your local Schaffner office.

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