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Posted by Holger Urban

Schaffner expands the EPLAN Data Portal with its EMC products

EPLAN is a powerful project planning software which can be used to configure circuit diagrams in detail. What makes it especially powerful is the online product catalogue EPLAN Data Portal, which enables you to directly access and configure the technical data of the components you are installing. By integrating more than 940,000 data records from almost 300 manufacturers in the EPLAN Data Portal, the data can be directly included in the planning process.


Significant efficiency gains due to the EPLAN Data Portal

Since February 2020, Schaffner is also be represented in the EPLAN Data Portal – a cooperation from which not only the two partners Schaffner and EPLAN will benefit. Beside this, the availability of Schaffner EMC products in the project planning software represents a significant increase in efficiency for customers of both companies: Using drag and drop, they can quickly and easily transfer the relevant components from the Data Portal into their circuit diagrams. In addition, the technical data from the product catalogue can be used to create 3D models of the cabinets for planning the cabling as well as 2D drilling templates for the back panels.


Extension of the EPLAN Data Portal with EMC products

As the international market leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and power quality, Schaffner is present in the EPLAN Data Portal with the following EMC products:

Single-phase and DC filters: FN20XX, FN2210/11, FN2410/2, FN2450

Three-phase and neutral line filters: FN3025/26, FN3100, FN3120, FN3258, FN3268, FN3270, FN3280, FN3287/8, FN3310/1, FN3359


Win-win situation for manufacturers and users

As a global supplier of EMC products, the EPLAN Data Portal is a great opportunity for Schaffner to offer its customers even better service. But the cooperation with EPLAN is also a benefit for component manufacturers. Since the EPLAN project planning software is a globally used standard and well-known tool for all engineering disciplines, engineers can select and plan suitable components even from manufacturer brands that were previously unknown to them. To date, more than 253,000 users are already working with the EPLAN Data Portal for schematic design. With EPLAN, Schaffner has the opportunity to increase its own brand awareness and reach a broader customer base.


If you are also interested in our products in the EPLAN Data Portal or in our EMC products and solutions in general, feel free to contact us.

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