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Posted by Holger Urban

Every Heart Beat Is Counted

In time where hospitals and medical equipment are operating nonstop 24/7 to ensure best medication and care to the patients, it is more than crucial that the infrastructure functions properly. E.g. lightening, scanners, health monitors, respiratory devices and laboratories require electricity to function.


Medical Devices_Stetoscope


EMI May Be Life Threatening

An increase of powered devices connected to one single low voltage supply network creates peaks in energy consumption and overloads the electrical infrastructure with undesired interferences and distortions in current and voltage. A good power quality of such installation plays an important role for continuous energy supply without interruption and a connection to the grid in respect to the standards.

Two points are required:

  • Power is available all the time (i.e. a high level of continuity)
  • High level of power quality to enable all the consumers to work safely and satisfactorily i.e. medical equipment (ME)

Active Harmonic Filters are very suitable for hospitals, where mixed load types are connected to the grid. Active filters are the solution to mitigate combination harmonics of medical devices, lights, elevators and escalators at one single entry point.


Active Harmonic Filters_Graphic


EMC Products for Medical Equipment

Main focus for Schaffner lies on EMC/EMI filtering. For a safe, reliable and conform system Schaffner EMI filters are available in different application specific versions. Especially the filter series FN92xx enables customers to find a high performance variation for any need. Additionally, the B version of FN92xx series meet the requirements of the medical standards IEC/EN 60601 for equipment with patient contact or other medical environments.

Schaffner is able to support even highest demanding Class II applications with the upcoming filter FN9274B which can be used in 2 MOPP surroundings.




A Wide Range of Medical Solutions

Due to high demand of IEC inlets and Schaffner's expertise in manufacturing and design of such inlets, we are able to provide a high variety of possible inlets without a filter and a wide variety of chokes for integrated EMI performance solutions.

Click here for further information about Schaffner’s medical solution products and to free download the data sheets:

EMC for  Medical Equipment

Schaffner contributes through its expertise and technology with state-of the art and well proven EMC and power quality products and solutions.

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